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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q – What is a Target?

A  –  A “Target” is a holder for our Augmented Reality APP, It Includes the Picture of the Artwork (PNG or JPG) the Video of the Artwork (MP4) or the 3D Model of the Artwork (FXB) with some Metadata such as Artist Name and the GeoLocation of the Artwork.


Q – Are the 5 “Targets” for Artists Free https://newzpharmacy.com/?

A – YES!! Free for ever. It may NOT include comercial logos.


Q – Can i switch the “Targets” for new ones once they are Uploaded?

A – NO! Once the Target have been uploaded to the APP it counts as one (1) upload and may not be changed.


Q – Once i reach my maximum upload count (5) how can i upload more artworks?

A – You will need to upgrade your account to Premium its a one time buy of 9.99 and will include you 15 extra targets.


Q – How long does it take to upload my artwork into the APP?

A – Wall Dimension is updated every Monday. As soon as the new update is up your artwork will be online.